Complementary Yoga

As though raising seven children, owning and managing White Pillars, and being an avid tennis player wasn’t enough, my mom, Donna, has taken on a new endeavor, teaching yoga. In 2015, she attended Kripalu for her yoga certification, and then in 2017, she followed up with an additional certification in Yoga Nidra. Since then, she regularly teaches at the Yoga Loft in Canton and volunteers her time teaching yoga to the female inmates at the St Lawrence County Correctional Facility. During the weekend of May 18-20, Donna will be offering Yoga Nidra classes at the Mirror Lake Inn in Lake Placid, NY. And most exciting of all, starting this Fall, she will provide complimentary yoga classes to our guests right here at White Pillars.

It has always been my parents’ goal to provide a peaceful haven for their guests. The rural setting and warm welcoming atmosphere have lent themselves to this end. As one guest said, “When I walk through the doors at White Pillars, I feel my blood pressure drop 10 points.”

We hope this new addition of complimentary yoga will be one more way for our guests to enjoy a peaceful and rejuvenating experience at White Pillars.

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