Green Cleaning

It may not always be easy being green… but here at White Pillars, we find it well worth it. Prioritizing the importance of a clean, healthy environment is a key aspect of our business. This belief in conserving the environment is evident with our Trip Advisor’s Certification of Excellence award as well as our Silver Level Certification for Green Leaders. In addition, The New York State Department of Conservation has certified White Pillars through the Green Hotel Pilot Certification.

What happens around White Pillars on a daily basis to be granted these certifications? First and foremost, it starts with the mindset of my parents who have always believed in creating a healthy environment around them. Breakfast for our guests is served with thoughtful preparation, food made from scratch and often with local and organic ingredients. Since the leftover food was always gobbled down by our family after breakfast, it was important that we ate well, with the exception of a few special treats like the cinnamon rolls.

In the guests’ rooms, we have shower dispensers that hold Loma shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel. We use EO liquid hand soap, and laundry is done with Nellie’s laundry detergent.

As for cleaning, we use Norwex cleaning cloths, as well as Shaklee scour off cleaning scrub but it is our own all-purpose cleaner that we use the most. This vinegar-based cleaner is simple and efficient and we would love to pass it on to you.

All- Purpose Cleaner
2 cups water
1/2 cup vinegar
1 tablespoon Castile soap
35 drops of lemon essential oil
Mix together in your favorite spray bottle.

Happy Green Cleaning!

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